9 comments on “Smoke Custom Transitions with History

  1. Hello. I’ve just recently done a 3 day SMAC 2012 – course.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t get all my questions answered by the instructor, so i come to you or any OPS giving the time to explain it.

    Keeping in subject to transitions – Coming from FCP 7 workflow

    1) How do i create simple Transitions like luma dissolves / push – swish pan wipes etc?
    (common occurrences in trailers & tvspots)

    I’ve exported XML data from FCP with various internal plugin transitions and most did not come thru, excluding your average cross dissolve and dip 2 color.

    2) Save the preset transition and load on another shot like FCP FAVs browser in the Effects Bin.
    In SMOKE there is a Load / Save option under the Dissolve / Wipe EDIT tab.
    However the setting I save do not come thru when i apply a load to another shot?

    (Is this possible doing it like a TRANSITION would work, not like the above method whereby your limited to not refine the length of the transition instantly, unless you build it in various durations)

    3) please could you record a tutorial for this or reply back either way you insight will be helpful?

    thankyou kindly

    • 1. You can do those types transitions buy using the custom transitions, and then hitting spacebar + . (extract) (Smoke hotkeys)
      Like in the video, 2 clips will pop up, and they are your from and to handles underneath the transition. Run them through as many effects process as you would like.
      It’s a bit of a process, but not very time consuming and you are only limited by your imagination.
      When the transitional overlap clips are complete, then just drop it back in the timeline over the CUSTOM trans indicator. History will help make these effects somewhat resuable as the video shows.

      2. You can save dissolves and wipes, and AXIS transitions with the Save/load in side the module. [E] You can also simple Copy (Smoke F hotkey) the transition up to the source area. You can creat ea new source area, name it transitions and then copy these up, save them to the library and reuse them, by (F copy) them down to new cut points on the timeline.
      If you did the save/load method, you can create a wipe, save the setup, add a new wipe transition on a new cut point, enter the module [E], then load the save setup.

      I will admit that the flexibility of the timing of the effects in the tutorial is not idea. And the entire process is a bit manual. But it’s very open to using whatever Smkke modules you want.

      You can buy Sparks (Plugins) like Genarts Sapphire http://www.genarts.com/effects/sapphire ,but they aren’t cheap. They do fill in a lot of effects though.

      You can also use AXIS and CC as GAP effects on top of a cut point or dissolve, and adjust the settings to achieve and effect over the transition. Many transitions can be made if you use PAINT and crate animating MATTES, that you can then use by overlapping two clips and making the top one and AXIS/MATTE container. Then the clip will animate on using the painted black to white transition. With Smoke you build elements, like mattes and text that will work at helping you build the effect you want.

      Another trick is to use the pseudo-batch of Modular Keyer to build a procedural node setup as a transition. You would then use your from/to clips with handles so its a bit more flexible.

      I’ll work on doing another video tutorial with transitions in the near future.

  2. please please could you upgrade it to Smoke 2013 on Mac.
    Praying for good answer from you 🙂

  3. Hellow. It’s a really useful tutorial for me.

    But I got a problem with using history ;o;

    I made a transition with Paint module.
    It starts Front and then reveals Back. It’s a really simple transition!!

    I took this history clip in timeline and changed History view mode.
    I tried to change original sources but It could’t replace at all.

    This is not the only. The clip using Action module is also has same problem.

    So… Do you know why is it happend?

    And If you don’t mind, I have one more question.

    Axis(soft FX) can have only 1 image?
    In the Axis, We could find Global Axis and Layer feature, so I really confuse.

    thank you kindly

    • Paint effect will break the history pipe and anything before them will become uneditable. It’s best to build you paint effect revela as a black and white matte, process it out, then use it as a key effect. Then you can change sources with History.

      Axis only has one image. you can add 3D text into that Axis effect… that’s where the Global Axis comes in. it will control the Axis, Shadow and 3D text.
      if you need more sources, use Action.

      Since it sounds like you are new to Smoke 2012, have you tried the free beta version of Smoke 2013? It’s much improved.

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