7 comments on “Unlink & Relink your media in Smoke

  1. Is the only way to force the relink, the drag and drop? Cause that doesn’t work for me….I don’t get that ‘relink symbol’. Is there anything special I have to look for, so it works? (like, does the unlinked media has to be within an edit? does the unlinked and the new media have to have the same name/length etc?)


  2. It might have to be the same length and maybe res. Not completely sure on the rules. It shouldn’t have to be in an edit. Is it possible that you are linking to a clip that is just using video only in an edit?

  3. It is only using video…. I did a test with a clip that I unlinked, and then I tried to do that force relink with the exact same clip from the gateway. But unfortunately that didn’t work… (I’m on SMAC 2012 SAP)

  4. Hi Brian,

    We still work with VTR workflow for backing and archiving our master projects.
    My question is…

    1) Whenever we have laid to tape the whole sequence, but later decide we need to update a segment with updated graphics for example…
    How can you tell Smoke to look at the in / out values on the timeline time-code, rather then laying off the whole sequence again.

    It’s slightly frustrating that even though you mark in/out on the output window and cue the tape to the same area, it always laysoff the whole project again??

    I’m using Smoke 2011 on the Linux (Yeah i know, need to move onto the mac and upgrade…Too expensive)

    any insight will help.



    • Not sure I understand if you are asking about archiving or simply doing an insert edit on your master tape layoff of a small section of the timeline.

      Not sure if it’s the right way, but whenever I need to fix a shot on a show that I have mastered to tape (HDCAM), I will mark that section of the timeline in Smoke, and lift it out so that it is it’s own clean timeline.
      I then make my edit change to that section, then output it back to tape. The timecode should match, if you laid off the original timeline to tape with matching TC. I used to edit linearly, so I am pretty comfortable with tape to tape editing, or in the case NLE to tape editing. I just preview the output edit several times just to make sure that there isn’t a frame jump or a shift. Doesn’t happen much in the digital tape era like it used to on analog land.

      Or are you asking something else?

      • Hi Brian,

        Yes thats exactly what I wanted to know.
        It seems little long winded just to insert a shot via the VTR. I posted the same question to Grant and he mentioned the same method.

        Would you happen to know if Autodesk will update this issue for VTR output, whereby marking your in/out on the master timeline will enable Smoke to layoff at those particular time-codes on Tape, provided the T/C matches?

        Doing this via FCP / AVID DS is constantly used by inserting via in/out on timeline. This would be an added bonus if this function was included.

        It does seem little strange, why Autodesk decided to leave this method out.

        But thanks for your insight.


      • I am sure it was “on the list”. My guess is that now that things are “tapeless” for the most part, that this feature won’t get implemented. Call it a quirk. 🙂

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