14 comments on “101 Burning Questions Answered about Smoke 2013

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  2. Actually, Genarts Sapphire are not the only Sparks plugins available for Mac. Chopper, a scene-cut detector with EDL output, was the first Spark available for Smoke on Mac a few years ago. More info here:


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  4. Nicely done Brian. You’ve obviously spent a great deal of time on the pre-release software before hit hit the web.

  5. Great post! Many thanks.
    Can Smoke 2013 access Smoke 2012/Flame’s clip library on a same network?
    Do they have to be the same version?

    Thank you

  6. I enjoyed reading all the FAQ. I found all the ansers to my questions. So far, only 2 complains since I have been using the trial version (June til now).

    – Cant expand the UI onto a second monitor (like most NLE, i have 2 monitors).
    – Wont support Tangent Devices Elements
    – Not quiet clear what best compatible hardware to maximize workflow.
    – The youtube tutorials posted by autodesk are awesome ! Just not organised in a clever way so watchers can keep track of what’s learnt as he moves along (not sure this makes sense).

    Excellent Job Brian.

    • In the early pre-releases thre were some issues. But I think they are ok now. You should still be able to use both versions. What will change is that the background services will get updated. Backburner, wiretap, etc. if you need to network your smoke 2012 with other ADSK systems that are not 2013 then there might be a issue with wire and libraries. If you are on a stand alone smoke2012 then you should be good.

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