After a long a successful career in broadcasting, [Senior Editor at WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. (DMA 26)] I have moved into the private sector producing in-house videos for IMMI a global safety company. Along with editing, I will be shooting and producing Internal & External Marketing, HR, and training videos.

New tools include Adobe CC, [Premiere/After Effects/Photoshop] and DSLR shooting on a Panasonic GH4.

I have edited long form, short form, docs, features,  promos, commercials…. you name it.  I started editing tape-to-tape.  Then as technology developed, I moved in to digital editing with disk recorders in a linear suite, then moved on to non-linear.  I have edited with Ampex Ace 25, GVG (Sabre), Lightworks, Premiere Pro Cs5, and my main system is Autodesk Smoke/Flame on Linux, and Smoke for Mac on OSX.

Autodesk did some nice press on me.  See it here.  Autodesk Spotlight.


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  1. dear master 🙂

    my question is .. will smokemac run faster with an ssd harddrive or will it just start faster ..

    is the ssd good for processes inside smoke ..



    • All of my information says that Smoke will both boot faster and run faster from an SSD. All of Smoke’s database, setups, and clip management is run from the system drive. So large Action setups, and those that have large geometries will load/run faster. So it’s all about loading and saving data from the SSD drive. Once that’s done, then things like GPU, CPU & RAM will take over for processing and rendering.

  2. Hello, master

    I would like to hear an opinion about Smoke render speed from you. There is 1min 30 secs, ProRes 422 HQ on 12 cores, 48 Gig of Ram, Radeon 5770 Mac.

    I put that clip on layer 1, 2 both, add axis effect with gaussian blur (x, y 16) on layer 1 and add axis effect with scale down to 50% on layer 2. I guessed those effects are simple. but the render time takes 6 to 8 mins. It was just for a test of 1 hour daily job.
    (Project’s intermediate is ProRes 422HQ as well)

    If I test it with FCP, it takes almost realtime with the same machine.

    What would you think with it? am I wrong with something else or it is just a normal behaviour?

    Best Regards

    • You might try this same effect, but in ConnectFX. timeline effects are somewhat inefficient and slower compared to CFX which uses more GPU.


      Brian Mulligan Smoke Editor Indianapolis, IN, USA Twitter : @bkmeditor

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